I Graduated From High School!!!

happy graduation

Hello world!! How are you all? I seriously seriously missed you so much<3 ❤ ❤

During the final exams until now, there’s many things happened and made my head feel dizzy as If it’s going to explode! When I had my final exam I was thinking ”Tomorrow is the final exam in high school, then I will be free, an eternal vacation. I can play as many as I want, I can stay late at night, I can draw more, I can finally watch anime for hours. There’s so many things I can do. So go for it girl!” But I was naive. I know there’s university preparations, but I never thought it will be so soon. Since I know what I want to study and where, I thought it will make the process easy as breathing, but again it turned wrong. I kinda forget the ABC plan and its aspects-I will talk about it later- so the third day after the finals, I went to fill the external scholarship form, I found that the requirements are a lot and so complex, so I have to get all the required documents ready -which are 14 document + the Institute documents +  some documents need translations.  then I have a meeting to attend to sum up everything.

I already decided from long time that I want to study in the institute for 2 years in April 2016, but since I don’t want to stay free that long and I don’t guarantee what will happen until April, I figured it out you know, I should be moving toward my dream soon. I will be studying in October this year for a year and half. This decision actually just made few hours before this post published.

Before talking about the majors in-depth, I want to talk about the ABC plans. I divided the ABC plans into section-It will be useful for me to too :P-

ABC plans for Majors:

Plan A : Graphic design and Digital Design.

Plan B: Interior Design

Plan C: Architecture

Plan D: It

So as many people do, I do have backup majors. My first choice is graphic design, but when I looked up on the majors in the form, there is only Graphic Design and Digital Design, so I took it as the first choice. second is Interior design, I always loved building decorating houses from playing The Sims – I’m awful at it in real life- but better then engineering. The third one is Architecture not Architecture engineering, it’s related to design so why not? The forth one is sadly is IT ( please god don’t let me take IT T-T) I hate IT so much!

The ABC Plans for Universities:

In Japan:

Plan A: Tokai University

Plan B: Tokyo University of Technology

Plan C: Takushaku University

In My country:

Plan D: King azz

If anything happened to my scholarship, I’ve already filled the form of the uni here just in case, If my scholarship is certain I could withdraw easily. The plans for the Japaneses universities may change. ex: It’s a possibility that Tokai will be plan C an Tokyo Uni of Technology will be plan A, and so on.

Anyways, that’s my week, full of work. I’m going to Britannia on 6th July for nearly two weeks, so on Thursday we will be going to get our Visas, and get some docs translated 🙂 I guess this month is all about completing papers and documents, If I were lucky, maybe I will finish everything before going to Britannia, then I can go to the meeting in August. (Pry for me!) and as always I’ll post some pictures for you guys 😀 and guess what? I will vlogging too 🙂 I don’t think I’ll post it here; because it’s private 🙂 but I’ll put pictures. Lately I’ve been hocked with my Wacom tablet ❤ Oh btw the drawing above is by me. I tried to draw myself graduating 🙂 and I’m doing another digital one, and I will upload it tomorrow!! Probably I will be drawing digitally for quite a bit I’d say 😀

What else? Oh anime and games!

I also hocked on anime after finals, now I’m watching Owari no Seraph, Plastic Memories, Naruto (of course), Ore Monogatari, and Fairy Tail. I still want watch the previous one if I got time or break from what I’m watching now. For games, I’ve hocked to a game called Life is Strange, if you don’t know what it is, you’re seriously missing out. You should check it out, and I promise it won’t be disappointing.

So tired. I will end this post here, hopefully I can talk to later

Good day



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