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” I  have  a  dream “

Hello everyone , my name is Sakura Mikan ( not my real name ). My age is 18 (I created this blog when I was 14) , I want to all of you know about me ,and why I made this blog and what is my goal .

Yume no michi means ” The way to dream ” , Of course everyone have a dream , but some people work hard on their dreams and some people dream his dream , think a little about your dream , it’s your dream really dream or a wish ? if your dream is really dream you can’t relax if you don’t do anything about it right ? But if your dream is wish , of course you will just dream it .

That’s why I created this blog I want to show everyone that your dream come true if you work hard and do your best everyday , my dream is to become a pro Mangaka , Mangaka means someone draw manga ( Japanese comic ) and with this blog I will write everything about my dream , all the bombs . all my happy moments and sad moments , everything , but be sure it may take a lot of years but if you stand up if you fall and move if you give up , YOU WILL MAKE IT .

Beside my personal experience and blogging, I will be posting topics about dreams, how to make your dream a reality, does achieving your dream need potential? I’ll cover everything I can.

I want to say very important points , this blog I will put everything about my own dream, I can’t put something is not my dream like doctor or whatever because I don’t know much about it , the main idea is if you work hard you will make your dream come true !

The next one is about my religion , my religion is Islam , so don’t be surprise if i put anything about my religion .

I hope to you to like my blog , have a nice day !

~ Mikan ~


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