Coloring Mikaela – Owari no Seraph-

Good afternoon precious readers!

For a change, I’m drinking water today instead of tea :q. Anyways, you all already guessed from the title! I’m so proud that I drew Mika like this, although he seemed younger, but he still cutie ❤

I’m only watching Owari no Seraph or in English The End of Seraph this season so far, I don’t feel really excited about other anime :/ I did watch the first episode of Yamada kun and the 7th witches last week, the idea is stupid yet funny, but it’s not like something you should stay hyper for the next episode. I heard Plastic Memories is drama, and I’m not really into drama for the moment. I’m still watching Naruto by the way, but let me say this: the filler timing was the most idiotic thing I have ever seen! Why filler?! I finished the manga but I want to watch this part of the arc animated so badly 😦

I got carried away for a sec ^^”

You can see the video here:

1- sketchbook.
2-Soft Pastal.
3-Colored pencils

You can see the full pic here:
Owari no Seraph - Mikaela

Owari no Seraph OP -「X.U.」- 終わりのセラフ OP ピアノ cover by: PaintAMelody Piano Sheets.
He’s a great artist, you should check him out!

To be honest drawing Mika was so so easy than I thought it would be, I didn’t find any difficulty at all while sketching or inking. I wanted to draw Yuichiro but he didn’t fit at all, so I’m going to draw him next! For the coloring, I went with my usual color pencils. I did change the style of shading a bit, so mixed my own shading and the anime shading; I thought it will look better this way; because my shading style wont match Mikaela’s hairstyle.

I’m not sure if I’m able to upload any videos the following two weeks, because my final exams are not the following week but the next, so I kinda want to study more, this is my last year after all.

I hope you liked this one as much as I liked.

Thanks for reading.



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