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How To Find Your Dream


Everyday we would dream, and every dream we add our imagination; making a dream something more than it is. We always dream, we never once stopped dreaming, but in the same time we never thought what true dream truly is.

There is a differences between a dream and a wish. The meaning of wish according to google is feeling or expressing a strong desire or hope for something that probably will happen /not happen, which mean every day we say a wish, that’s obvious. However why some people cannot differentiate between dreams and wishes?

Dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. That is mean a wish is like wanting something you want to happen or not to happen without any physical interruptions, while dreams is something you want it and you physically and mentally work hard to earn it and make it happen.

Once you know that, the difficult part is how am I supposed to find my dream?

That is a hard question without doubt. It may takes months to discover what you truly want and ready to stick with it for a long term. If have not found it yet, or you don’t need dreams to follow, then please think again. Dreams are unique experience in every person life, it will open a whole new chapter in your life, and you will learn and experience new staff. Don’t let this chance flee from your hand, it is never too late to start now.

I struggled a lot finding my own dream, I actually spent almost a year or so to figure out what I want, I will be sharing my experiences with you and hopefully it will work out just fine. Remember the process will take a very long time, you just have to believe in yourself and be passionate.

The very first step you want to do is basically jot down everything you love, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING, even if is not related to dreams and future jobs. After writing, go through everything you wrote and ask yourself:

  • Is this going to help the society?
  • Do I really want to help people in ……………? Ex: hospital
  • Am I ready to face the struggle in ……….?
  • Does ………. make me happy? Does…….. make people happy?
  • Do I really want it?

If asked yourself these question, you will limit your options, and you will probably have only few options left.

With the fewer options you have now, put them in a schedule. Write under each column all the benefits, positives and negatives of that option as many as you can. This is actually the longest part of the process, you will think thoroughly, and thoroughly every option you got real good. To be honest, no one can help you figure out your dream, only you can do it. Have faith in yourself and keep believing in yourself.

You still can limit your options, but if you are unable to limit your options, all you need is take one option and look information about it and try to work a bit.

For me I did limit my options and I get a manga artist, patisserie and interior design.

In order to limit my options I had to try them all, and see if I can keep up with it.

I started with patisserie. I hate cooking, but making sweets is fun. I barely make any sweets yet I love watching people doing sweets, so I gave it a try. I studied making sweets, yes I studied hard through Joe’s pastry blog:

I did a couple of recipes and every time I take notes like the techniques I used and I did not use, the mistakes…etc. But I have to make sweets every week or two to practice the texts, articles, and books, or else it will be meaningless. However regardless of wealth, we still have a budget. I cannot use all the ingredients myself, other family member needs it to make an actual food. So it didn’t work out for me.

It was fun, but I did not make it with heart, so it was not so fun. I was only pushing myself to learn a new techniques and practice it.

Then I studied interior design. The same as before I worked really hard, but it was so hard to self-taught and it was so boring, literally boring so I gave up.

Finally manga artist, before even I want to know my dream, deep down I always knew. I just need to confirm everything around me. I enjoyed drawing coloring more than anything, it seems childish, but who cares? The most important thing that you accepted, and made you happy before you make people around you happy.

The most important thing is you and only you. If you happy with your choice then other people gossips and opinions are no longer important, they can say whatever they want it doesn’t matter, your dream is for yourself, you rule it! not other people. What matter is your hearts and feelings, as long as you have them and keeping them safe and strong, no creature is able to stop whatever you doing.

Stay strong.

Have faith in yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in hope.



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