Projects. . . Can You Start A One?


Hello everyone. Sorry if i’m late, I have a problems in publishing from my tab. This artical week talks about…Berdom, berdom and berdom. On of the sulotions for this dull is a start a project, and this is good to you and to the others.
Why all of the sulotions is start a project?
For me, the answer is simple. I like works and i hate to feel dull and berdom that’s really kill me. So start a project makes you work and fill your time. And projects will be a great thing to proud of and showed to the others. And for me too, the projects makes you strong and have a believe in your work or whatever are you doing.
What kind of projects do i start?
Start with something you love, like hobbies. If you like painting, start improving your skills everyday or week at least. If you love painting but you don’t how to paint and draw, start learning from different reffrance everyday as you can, that’s will help you to improve your skills and your art a bit faster if you really want. If you don’t like the painting idea and foused yourself, this is not ganna help you, it will foiled you.
I’ve decieded my project, what should i do next?
Look again at your project and see if you can handle it or not is before the first step and it’s really important. Practice.and improve your skills and art if you haven’t do it yet. If you do this so be sure you are able to move to the hard one.


This step is really helpful for you. Pick a blank note and do what i say:
1- In very first page in your note, write the project name in the middle with beautiful front, and write below it is small front your name and below it the date.
2- put numeber of the pages in the top the page or down.
3- In next pages write the date and your plans for today and what’s happened, and write your notes and events.
Tip: If your note was big it will be better.

The next step is stay strong as you can, don’t let a person told your project is just a something foolish foild you and make you stop! You the one you decied from the start with strong feeling to be succsesful, you are the one who decied stop or not, you are the one who knows your feeling the most( read encourgeing words page, you don’t know how important this page is).

How your project be known?
Write your project in twitter and make a page in facebook, tell your friends and family, write in newspaper, internet, websites, there’s still more and more. Just decied the best ways.

To Expaird you:
Buy an album and wite your project name on it. Every day photo a picture what have you done and write about this pic or this day if you like.

For your informations:
I’ve decieded to make a one-shot and put it in magazien if i can draw.the characters, backgraouds and objects perfectlly.

I hope this artical is helpful to you, and if you need something, write a comment. And i will answer fast as possible.

Is there a topic you want to be in next artical? Write a comment.


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