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Lia- The Ocean Of Secrets-Fan-Art Drawing

Hello everyone, good afternoon. Ok, I think you’ve been ask yourself why i didn’t make effect on the drawing before. The truth is when I make this effect, i do it from my tab. There’s an application there called “Little Photo”. But now I’m put the drawing on my laptop and start writing.

Ok, so this is Lia, she’s Sophie’s original character in her manga The Ocean Of Secrets. I took around two-hours or two hours and half (Ok I know, I’m too slow). I used pencil BBBB.

There’s nothing hard in Lia, all things, hair and eyes were easy. But I was having a problem with drawing her eyes,  think I made a small mistake there. The curve line inside the eyes should be more bit bigger, and I draw it little small.

Well drawing Lia helps me to understand Sophie’s art even more which will help me to improve my art and skills. And i really enjoyed drawing her. Maybe the next fan-art character will be Moria XD  (But i think about drawing Ciel Phantomhive from kuroshitsuji).

I will publish the special post and this artical week tonight.

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