Some Of My Tools-Special Post

Hello everyone. I’d like to ask you something. When i say” the black pen which we used in the front” Do you understand what i mean? Well in this special post i will talk and explain the black pens and some rulers. So let’s start and i hope to be useful for you.
The Black Pens Which We Use it In The Front:


I have two kind of black pens in this moment, i have 1.0 and two of 2.0.
I buy it from the bookstore.


Black pen 1.0 give you a thin line, but not that really thin. You can use it in different places.
Black pen 2.0 give you a thik line and it’s good at shadow and shading.


As you see in the picture. 1.0 & 2.0 can be in the same spot like drawing the eyes. And 2.0 are really good at linking in the big speas as well.
The next thing i want talk about is the rulers that we used in the backgraound:


I don’t use it so much, because i foucs on drawing the characters first. And this ruler job is do a curve lines, and i will show you an example:


Image this drawing is just a sketch in one of manga page. Draw a box and draw anything inside it, here i draw a sketch of a person.


I chose this small ruler and you have to draw a curve line in any place as you like.


Ok this is an example, i don’t draw that badly XD
Ok this the end of the special post. I will write another one soon.

With God Bless



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