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Welcome to the Requests page!

I would love to listen to you and make a drawings, although I can’t send it to you by mail, I can can send to you by you email or social websites you gave me.

I will have one week deadline starting from the day you request. If one week passed and you didn’t have your drawing, please email me or get connect with me on my websites. I will inform you if I will be late.


I will be very happy to take your request. However, I will be happy If you follow this simple rules:

1-  There’s three type of drawings you can request:

   A) FanArt- Full Pictures.

   For an example:


   B) FanArt – Characters.

   For an example:


   C) Original Characters.

   For an example:


2- Once your request is taken, you can take it back If I start drawing it.

3- You can request an extra in your drawings. The extras are: Colored by color pencils, Photoshop touch, Simple background, LineArt.

4-If you decided your request, Please fill this and comment in this page, or send it to my email:

Name (Any name you want): ___________

Drawing request type: ( Full pictures, Characters, Original Characters) Select what you want.

Name the anime or the character (in both English and Japanese name):__________

Mood (If it’s an original character):__________

Extra( If you like): ______________

The date today(If it’s happened and didn’t see it in the day you request it):________

Email or websites:_____________

My websites are in the link page.

If you have something to ask, feel free and ask me anytime.

Thank you ❤ ❤

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