A Step Closer

Good evening everyone!

How are you all? I hope you all been doing well. 

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog for so long and I have no good excuses for it. I had my ups and downs like everyone does, so I didn’t feel like it. It’s weird though, I thought coming to japan to study language was a lot lighter than studying in a high school since it concentrate on a single subject, then I’ll have plenty of time to write and blog. But I guess emotions plays a role. 

So I’m certain a lot of you guys are wondering since I disappeared what happened to my dreams and goals and stuff like that. So today I figured I will tell you what happened.

Okay, first of all, I’m pretty sure you’re wandering what’s the meaning of the title ” a step closer”. Well, I’ve become a step closer for making my dream a true and that’s university!

Yes, i finished my language school two weeks ago, and I’m going to university in few days and i’ll be studying graphic design. Now for my new followers out there, my dream is to become manga artist ( comic artist) and not a designer. So why I’m taking design? I talked about this in older posts but I will remind you again…’cuz why not? Currently I don’t have a scholarship, and I’m aiming to apply to a scholarship that my country provide. And in one of the scholarship conditions is I can’t study art in any form; because art isn’t something will help build the country now ( I hope). You see, this scholarship is meant to help build the country but only a specific majors mostly doctor and engineer majors, even design is still questionable. I know there’s other scholarships out there, it’s just I prefere my country’s scholarship because it’s easier even though it has a tons of errors in the system but it worth it. However, if I couldn’t I still have the money to be able to continue studying in japan, and I have a very supportive family with me. But if there’s a scholarship, why not? 

Anyway back to the topic, I chose design because it’s the closest to art and drawing. Don’t worry I looked and read a lot about graphic desgin and I’m quite liking it actually. There’s few things I’m a little bit worried about though. 

One, this major have a lot, a lot of presentations which someting I’m reallllly bad at!! I can handle simpler small topics, but the longer and difficult it is I start shaking like crazy, my voice trambles my hands, it’s so bad. In the language school I did a lot of these so i’m getting better but I’m still a bit worried. 

Second, drawing. Since coming to japan I…didn’t draw a lot. Which I’m really upset about. But my skills still on point, but no improvment. I’ve been busy with socializing and doing other things than drawing. But it’s okay, once I start drawing classes I’ll get better. But what worries me is getting an art block mood, which is kinda annoying to get rid off 😦

Third is, time mangement. You know beside drawing and reading I love playing video games. And there’s tons of jusy games out there I didn’t play yet or didn’t finish. Moreover, I really wanna be a good student and study and get good marks. So I’m kinda troubled how to time manage my social life and free time and of course study time. If anyone can help me pls comment below<3

Four is the study itself. I’m worried if I don’t quite understand what the teacher’s saying in japanese, and he’s too fast I can’t take notes and stuff. I can understand and make conversation in japanese pretty easily but I won’t call my self a fluent; ‘cuz there’s a lot of kanji that I can’t read and there’s still words that I don’t know. 

So if you have tips or advice please share it with me in the comment section below because I really need it, thanks in advance<3 ❤

Sorry for not sharing a lot of stuff during this year and half. If you have any suggestions about what should I write in the blog offical posts, again tell me in the comment section below. 

Yes for youtube! Yeah I do have a youtube channel people. It was such a drag to fim so I didn’t recored anything let alone editing,  So sorry about that, but i promise when I start drawing classes I will be uploading to youtube again. 

I’m really excited for this new chapter of my life. It’s a step closer to my dream!

As always thank you so much for reading.

Have a good evening.



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