Packing List!


Good evening!

Today as you can see at the countdown below, tomorrow I’m departing to Japan! So, I thought today is the perfect time for write my Packing list as I promised you! And about my Japanese practice, I realized my grammar is really off and I’m pretty much tearing who is reading it; because of my poor grammar! So I’ll stop for now until I learn how to write a proper grammar.


Here the packing list.

It will open in a new window.

Of course you can change however you want to suit your need.

I used multiple website, so I don’t remember, if happens you know please leave a comment below. I used this website for the majority of my packing list:

I wrote a destination and the weather, so you will have an idea what to pack, since I will be there for year and half, I’ll experience all the four seasons, but I wrote the current season first. I found it easier in Pack Whiz when it’s divided into sections, and I just added my own stuff. Then why I’m doing a packing list then? I just want to be detailed.

Originally the packing list on that website fits one A4 paper, so I created a detailed checklist; just for fun.

I add a checklist for stuff I want to specifically bring with me. Like belts, sweater, jackets etc…all under the clothes category, so I want to write them so I won’t forget to bring them. So I added a clothes checklist, cosmetic, drawing kit, medicines, papers, religious stuff and home stuff.  Of course you can rewrite them all and write you need, or you can completely ignore it.

For a long-term, you can illuminate the list so you can use white board marker to check.

I’m sorry it took so long to upload a simple article, but I didn’t have enough time to fully sit down and finish it all in one go; I had to complete this in one week.



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