Travel Drawing Kit

Good morning readers! As you all know I will be going to Japan to study the language and Uni there, and of course you know I like drawing and making videos so much, so it’s expected to bring some drawing tools with me. Unfortunately, it will be limited, but once I’m there I can buy more stuff. If you, like me, don’t worry and don’t bring a lot, you can always buy from the country you’re staying in. Also, I finally finished Hiragana Yaaaay!!! So as a practice for me, I will write in Japanese too, so I won’t forget, it might be a lot of mistakes but… bear with me ^^”


Did you see my drawing tools box? There are a lot of items in there, right? But I will only bring few. If you missed it, you can click here to read it:


Now, let’s get started!


I merged my drawing kit with a regular pencil case to save space.


I don’t have a pencil case that isn’t damaged, so I bought a new one, as you can see in the picture above. What I like about this pencil case that it has a big compartment for all your pens and pencils, and the front flap has a cool compartment too.

はたしもってのペンケースをひがいあるかったので、あたらしものかった。このペンケースをおおきなコンパートメントをおもてるすべてのあなたのペンや鉛筆用、それに、まえのはためくを かっこいいコンパートメントあります。

In the front flap, there are two pockets.  I used the left one for sticky notes and pencil leads, the right pocket I keep my sharpener and my kneaded eraser.


On the front flap, there is another flap with a zip on it, small pocket and pen loops which are unused for the moment.

Coming to the main compartment, I have my:


  • Staedtler triplus fineliner 12 color set.
  • White out.
  • 10 colorful Washi tapes; to decorate my diary & planner.わしてぷ
  • Highlighter
  • Eraser
  • White gel roll
  • Wooden pencil
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Ruler
  • Agatha ruiz la prada short pen in gold.

I have my inking pens in a small bag that came with.


But yep! That’s all what I’m bringing, really. I want to bring my color pencils, but they didn’t fit at all, so I will buy them in Japan, so it’s not that bad.


I won’t bring my tripod, so I won’t film traditional drawings. I will bring my Wacom tablet with me, so I can film digitally.

「tired of writing japanese :[

Even I’m away from home, or how many art block I get, I will upload videos for you guys!

Anyway the key to any travel drawing kit is to stay light weighted, and only bring the essentials.

I hope you liked it, leave a comment and like 🙂 Sorry for any mistakes I made with Japanese. Oh, I have a surprise for you! But you will have to wait to see 😉


Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Travel Drawing Kit

  1. I’m sure you’re going to have a great time when you’re there! 🙂 do you upload your videos here or on YT? I love watching speed paints 🙂

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