A New Chapter

Good morning folk!

Thank god for time! I really need to blog. There are few things I want to talk about today including what exactly happen to my scholarship to Japan in-depth; because I know a lot of people who are interested to know so they could be aware of it.

Before I talk about myself, I need to clarify the general. So there a program let’s called “study abroad with your own account” What the program does is after you completed your first year at uni, depending on your grade you will be accepted in the program and all your uni first year fee will be back to you and they will support you with money. That the program I aiming for, but then you ask why? I bet there are another better program. Yes there is, but to enter it you need to have a high grades, I don’t have any problems with my HS grades; but the other two exams (Academic achievement & GAT) are unfortunately low, and I don’t want to study in any uni in my country; because of my dream.

I’m sure you can guess but Japan is expensive and I’m relaying on my parent and my own money, AKA I’m broken 😦

This is the very first thing you need to know unless you have plenty of money to survive, you will be a broken college student. If your like me, hang in there, we are all in the same boat. If you are not serious about your dream and its cost, don’t do it.

My older brother is already studying there and in the program, so he can help but then doesn’t change the fact that you’re broken, you NEED to take care of yourself BY yourself.

Even though I will be broke I’m STILL going, I finished all the documents -Alhamdulilah- I’m in packing session right now. I will fly on Oct 3 and i will be there in Oct 5 -InshaAllah- So I have one month of packing and psychological preparation. Don’t worry, I’m scared just like you.

Which lead us to the second thing I want to talk , and it’s about JAPAN!!

I’m making a little poll here, Do you want me to make articles about Japan in-depth? Like recommended places/ packing tips..etc. If you don’t want I’ll still post about Japan because it’s involve my life and the blog, but it might be not very informative as it will be in articles. However I really want to write; because …I love writing…really that’s it.

It won’t take long.

If there is no vote, depending on my mood I will write but it wont be on a schedule, or I won’t. Regardless of that I really need you to vote.

Sorry all my update are short, but what else I can do? Soon I will share my packing process for you as well a downloadable packing list 😀 so stay tuned 🙂

Thank you for listening to me.



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