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Channel Trailer + Logo


Good morning folks!

As you can clearly tell from the title, I did a channel trailer as well a logo. let’s start with the trailer.

I did this trailer long time ago, but I had to “update it” with the new videos, and i was planning to upload it when I’m serious to take this channel; I don’t mean monetizing it, l mean to upload good quality videos for people to watch and enjoy. It’s awesome to make money from making videos you love and enjoy doing it, but that not the main reason to make YouTube videos, I wanted to imitate my favorite artists of all time :Sophiechan90 and Mr. Mark. Not just that, I wanted to be well known even for a bit. I create art for other people to see, not only for myself.

Honestly it bugs on instagram – all social medias- when some artists have more than 17k followers still spam people with posts to see his last art, or getting all worked up when few people unfollow him, or having ghost followers…etc. It seriously makes me sad that they care for numbers sooo much </3 I have 78 followers and it increases to 80 the fell down to 72 and now it increases again to 78, people are like this it’s natural. Obviously I was so surprised by the sudden decrees, and I was questioning myself “Why they unfollow me?” “Maybe I should post a picture more often?” “They weren’t interested anymore?” “Did I do something wrong?” “Do they hate me?”  as time goes by I get another follower, and another one, and another one, till I get 78 back.

What I want you to understand is to be confident about your art, as long there are people support you even if it’s one, I want you to treat those followers of you as your friends and family not just as “fans” I believe you will be closer to them and more confident about your art and creations.

I want to shout out my dear dear dear senpai Aoiken for teaching me this precious lesson, and Aoi-kun whatever happened to you I will always by your side supporting you 😀 And I want you guys support him too ❤

Insta: @ao1ken

Next is the logo!

I’m so proud of this one!
I did this for fun, but I decided to make it as a logo for all of my videos.
My tablet was driving me crazy! the tablets shortcut buttons doesn’t work as well my pen buttons and the tip was drawing solid line; as if you’re using a mouse. and then I updated the driver it worked fine 🙂 but when I fixed it my camstudio decided to lag and cut off 😡 I was soooooo pissed ):X
Thank god I recorded the line art, or else I won’t upload it today :/ so pissed 😦
Anyway I hope you like it! I’m proud of myself in coloring the hair 😀 I wish you could see it too 🙂 I’m still figuring out my coloring style in digital, I used in this video how I usually color traditionally, but it doesn’t fit much, and I don’t want to copy someone else coloring techniques. I’m watching other people speed paint videos for inspirations, and hopefully I will find soon 🙂

here’s a the final pic:


Manga studio 5

Mad father- Main menu.

That’s it for today! I shall talk to you soon ❤

bye ❤ ❤



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