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Studying Tips!

Hello everyone!
Since its back to school season, I thought about sharing my study tips for you. I’ve graduated from high school few months ago, and I won’t be starting Uni this soon, I figured maybe others need them.
But remember, it does not matter how many tips you use for your study if you don’t have motivation, those tips will be useless. So stand up, take a deep breath and smile 🙂
If you want me to help you with motivation leave a comment below and I will do it for you 😉
Now let’s get down to business!
  1. Take care of your book.
Okay you may think it’s a very dump tip, but I disagree. In high school I see a lot of girls tore their book cover or some pages, and spilled water on it or had scribbles all over it. When it comes to study what’s more important is open mind and motivation, if you have a book like that, you most likely get a black-outs and just want to get away from study. That’s not a good sight for the beginning of the semester.
  1. Discover how you would like to have your note.
A lot of people have different ways to get their class notes or lecture notes, and book notes. First I like to talk about the book’s note; because I rely on the book’s notes 90% in exams back in high school, I don’t know how things in uni yet:
  1. Outline your book; outlining is the best because it’s almost effortless. Now when I mean outline I don’t mean you write in a notebook called “Book Outline” like some people I know, outline straight in the book! I bet who read this are 80% Americans, and I know you bought your book or most likely borrowed a senior’s book, whatever way you took that book you can’t outline straight on the book. My education including books is free, so I totally own the book and I don’t mind having outline in it. But I understand you; you can outline by colored pencils, or use a notebook.
I don’t support the notebook idea honestly, I think it’s dumb to copy the text while you can easily outline on the book, but if notebooks works with you it’s fine.
  1. Take class note. I don’t take class note, because all my teacher says it’s basically in the book, I rarely took any, so when I took class notes I always write it in sticky note and put it in the book precisely on the topic we’re talking about now. I can ace 90% on all exams without class notes, but my school and teachers are different from yours, so you still have to take class note!
  2. A lot of people prefer to type rather than write, and other like to record if it’s allowed, try different methods.
  • Get a planner/pocket notebook.
Whatever year you are, you need to have either a planner or pocket notebook; to keep yourself organized. Write everything you need for all your subjects, like homework, essays…etc. It will help you a lot! I promise you!
  1. Sticky notes.
These sticky notes helped me a lot; you can use sticky notes to write things down, you can write summaries…etc. I’m actually obsessed with sticky notes and flags, I use them in everything. All my friends are shocked when they see my bulky book full of sticky notes and flags, and that actually made me happy for an odd reason, while other might find it horrifying to look at :/
  1. Listen to white noises or calm music.
Some people can’t stand studying at all and they feel very board after a short while, my tip is to lesson to a calm classic music, try to avoid loud hardcore visual kei music; it will disturb your studies and ended up not studying at all. Listen to happy fun music while you do homework, you will find yourself doing it quicker than usual. If you don’t like listen to music, try listen to white noises.
[Not a promotion] There’s an app I like called Relax Melodies on Google play, there’s a tons of white noises. You can mix sounds together and create your own, you should check it out.
  1. Lastly, love it.
You are thinking now “What the heck?!” I don’t blame you at all, but I just knew this on my last year in high school and I wish I knew it earlier. A lot of people who’s given advises and tips they said to have fun while you are in school, but I never get it. To be honest I did not have “fun” in first year, it was a nightmare to me. Second year, yes I did have a lot of fun!! We did a lot of fun stuff. In third year -our last- I started to get sick of school and endless exams and project, so immediately remembered bubz from bubzbeauty –you guys know her I did talk about her before- I love this girl! Even though I didn’t meet her I considered her as my dear dear friend. I don’t exactly remember what she said, but she said that when something you can’t change it, change your attitude. I change my attitude and decided to LOVE studying, guess what? This year is my most exciting year of all!!! Just because I decided to love it.
To be honest I did “decided to love it” in the beginning of the semester, but I actually loves it in the last semester. It takes time 🙂
I hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully learnt something 😀
If you want more just comment below and I’ll do more back to school posts for you 🙂
Have a good day.

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