The Upcoming Britannia Trip + Update

Good evening!

How’s fasting? I’m doing great so far.

It’s been a while since I did an update, and I have to do it now to catch up other stuff.

First as many of you know, I’m going to Britannia on 6th July, so 4 days away. I don’t think I will have enough time to blog unfortunately but I will be back on 23 July, so I won’t be away for long, and hopefully stay active like today.

I’m very excited to film there! I did in Japan and Indonesia but I never did it in Britain!

I told you before that I’m dilemma whether I take October term or April term in the Japanese institute, and I decided to go with the October term, and hopefully will be fine InshaAllah. Since I’m going in October, I start learning language! I’m still in hiragana, and I study from a book called Kana from zero. Really nice detailed book, I recommend anyone wish to learn the kana to use this book. So far I’ve learnt these letters:


The book has 10 lessons for hiragana and 10 lessons for katakana and a little bit of kanji. I finished the sixth lesson in hiragana so four are left to go! It’s seems like few lessons, but the book is very thick! And for me each lesson take at least an hour; because I tend to write the character over and over again till I reach perfection and memorize the previous letters and the letters I studied.

I’m very sad actually because I can’t meet my friends, the school is over and its Ramadan now, and I will be away until Eid, after that they have universities and I have institute to go. There’s no time to meet them, that’s so sad. I missed them so much. I still contact them though, but I wish to see them and hang out with each other’s like we used to. I guess that’s life? But I promised myself to not forget about them, even if we were apart, I’ll never forget all the fun we had with each other.

Can you believe I didn’t pack yet? I should pack.

Have sweets dreams.



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