New Videos are up!


Good afternooon!

I just got my lovely hot tea, and I though now it’s the perfect time to spend it on blogging. Yesterday I actually started my spring break, that was great; because my brain cannot handle any more homeworks and exams anymore 😦 and I have a lot of things I want to do it, and I couldn’t.

Anyways, as the titles says. I have uploaded new video for you guys! and there was a video before the new one which I haven’t talked about yet, so I thought I may share that as well. Speaking of videos, I did recorded and edit a video before my YouTube break and before i study GAT, and it was ready, but I didn’t upload it, then yesterday I recorded a new video and I edited today and it’s ready; this way I have a backup video to upload, rather than nothing; because I tend to spend long hours or even days to figure out what’s the new video will be or what should I draw regardless of the time I spend on my daily duties and school. So the video I finished today will be available to watch next week 🙂

Okay! enough talk and let’s go straight to the videos. The first on is my way of coloring a flower, you can watch the video here:

This is the last video I uploaded before my YT break, I was out of ideas, so I thought of really simple drawing that doesn’t take a lot of time and involved coloring. So, I came up with a flower! Now I’m a total beginner when it’s come to flowers and roses, when I draw them from different angles they always appear one dimensional and completely flat! That’s why I always draw flowers from one angle every time, and I don’t really understand the “structure” of the flowers and petals. But what I really like about drawing flowers is to color! I absolutely love coloring flowers; just because it’s all about layering colors, as you can tell I used a lot of colors. It’s was so much to color. About the music, don’t you think about Guilty Crown when you see flowers?

1- Campap Sketchbook.
2- Pencil.
3- Eraser.
4- Pigma Micron ink pens point 2.
5- Faber castle color pencils.

1- Guilty Crown OST

The next video is tutorial actually! How to draw Zebra Print:

Again I don’t any idea to record, and I need customizes my physic binder cover. I did film a lot of simple designs on all kind of paper I had, and finally decided on this print. it’s so easy simple can be done in less then 10 mines honestly 🙂 I believe the instructions I wrote easy to follow, but feel free to ask any question if required.


Paper and black copic and pro marker.

Mirai Nikki live action OST.

I know I know, they aren’t interesting as the last two videos I shared, but the ideas now are flowing, which is amazing! The video next week will be a Persona 3 speed paint! If you like to see the final picture you can checked on my insta 🙂

And would like to hear me talking in videos or just subtitles is enough? Because in tutorials you may understand better than reading the subtitles. Please leave a comment below 🙂

Thank you so much for supporting me until today.

Stay safe and sound ❤



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