I’m Free!

Good afternoon guys.
I missed you so much! Too bad I didn’t got any chance to post anything at all. But I’ve saving so…I have a lot to say!
First I apolgize for not posting Bali trip, I’ll try posting it today as a slide show, so please look forward to it.
I just took my final two days ago, and it wss cool! Because in the same day of the final exam I went to a party at Honofa’s ( my friend )home at night to celebrate! It’s was so cool and fun! my best friends are there too, we took a lot of pictures. So that night party, Honofa divide it to 3 main event: tea party, secret graduation party, desco/dancing/games. We had a few friends who are graduating this semester, actually that’s the main reason to make party. So we had tea with cookies and macaroons. And then had a the graduation cake, and Then! The most exciting part…Karoke! Yes we sung children songs, no kidding it was awkward because I forgot every song, I dont remember even listening to it. But we move to adel,one direction, owl city and more nowadays songs. Then we played Just dance 2014 game on wii, I enjoyed this one the best its so fun to dance the girls. Even the girls didn’t had the console did dance, I’m one of them. After we got bored from the game but we are still in dancing mood. So we danced on almost every video clip on youtube, even indian ones!
I truly enjoyed that night, I hope we got chance to do that again.
Oh by the way I”m graduating next semester.
I’ve red a book written by John C.Maxwell called “Put your dream to the test” it was a briliant book! I recommand everyone to read it! Acually I will put in the my links page so anyone who come across this blog will find it faster than scrolling all these posts. I feel this book meant for me. I’ve learn so much from this book about my dream. I found mistakes I thought it was right, for an example I did write an offical blog post if potential and talent are reqauired to achive your dream, sadly I was only half right. But that doesn’t mean it’s all wrong, I didnt made false hope. There’s few points I want clarify more. So expect that I will edit that post.
Sorry I’m running out of time! Next time I will talk with you about my future plans! And please read that book!

Thank for reading!
Stay safe and sound.


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