What’s Going On

Yello world!!
I’m so so sorry, I apologies for the long absence. Things going a lot straight after I came back from Bali and Jakarta trip, which I’ll write it in a separate post soon ( well hopefully ).
So what I’ve been up to?
Let’s start with the long waited novel. There’s two chapters left with a bonce chapter as well and it will be epilogue of the first volume. I drew most of the characters, and I hope I’ll get time to draw them probably to officially post it here. And soon I’ll start designing the cover, and search for a publisher. Of course I’ll give it to someone to proofread the grammer. I can’t give an exact time because of something I’ll mentioned later.
I haven’t draw in a while and I do miss drawing. Currently I’m drawing Elize and Elle from tale of xillia 2. And probably I will finish it next week (so long).
So! What’s the main reason behind my absence?
School dude, school. I really want to give a gooood punch for the person who told me “third year is so easy, you won’t get that much work like in second year”
It’s so exhausting! We have less subject but triple work!!! So many files need to be completed, homeworks, reports, etc.
I even had to work 30 hours during work days for 6 hours a day in a nursery!!! That aside from a deadly projects. I never been too serious like this. Pre university exam is next week and I haven’t study anything, how amazing is that, my parent will kill me.
I’ve less active in my social media too.
I did a painting project for art class, I will post a picture of it when it’s framed.   I still have to make some research and report about 30 hours,which i haven’t written yet.
Another reason is I’m in contest made by a big company. In this contest, I need to recreate something in a different way, or create something new, in order to create a new product. So me and my friend joined this contest. Now we are a team of six. I wanted to give it a shot. That’s maybe the biggest reason, I’ve been too busy working.
Anyway here it goes! I’ll start writing my novel again after the pre university exam, so I need to focus on the exam,  this exam is my top priority. I did all my school project except for one and that is in art, I’ll try to write my report in weekend, I didn’t not get much info on the research so I can’t do it with the report.

I will talk more details about our product soon, which it will be introduced next Wednesday and it will be available to purchase on next Thursday as well.
And post for Bali and Jakarta trip too.

See you later!



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