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How To Make Motto

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Have you ever thought how mottoes changes you?

Mottoes hold a very strong power than you imagine, it doesn’t have to be yours, it can be said by someone else, or you red it in a book. Mottoes is a saying you always repeated and take an action to implemented in your life style. Pretty much like repeating your favorite quote and implemented in you life.

I shall teach you today how you create your own Motto. I do have some as well.

Step 1: Understand why you need a motto.

Even if your life is great, you don’t have any problem, lots of friends to support you. There’s absolutely nothing bad if make you life better, and to make yourself happier more than you are now. Perhaps someone will learn from you, and that’s really great thing.

Step 2: What my motto will be about?

It can be anything. Love, Happiness, study, lifestyle…etc. anything will inspire you and make motivated.

Step 3: How to build a motto.

Play with words to create a sentence represents or reflect you in the side you chose what is about. for an example, my motto is: ” Everyone inside a story, and the in every story a hero, and that hero is YOU”  so this motto is about giving your all, working hard, giving your best…etc. so I’m a heroine in my story, and I want my story to be great, so my part is working hard to reach my dream. What kind of heroine/ hero are you?

so that’s it! Trust me it’s so fun to make these on your free time. Not just for fun, for inspiration and motivation for better life, and bright future.

Hope you liked this.

I shall write to you soon.




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