Another Amazing Trip On Way!

Good evening people.
Currently I’m in a restaurant, Steak house precisely. While I’m waiting my meal, I decided to update you. So this Thursday inshaAllah I’m going to travel to Jakarta again!!! And we’re going to Bali for four days as well. Not sure if I’ll bring my camcorder, but possibly not, it depends. So I knew from long time ago about flight date, however, school got really serious on us specially third year. I came from school everyday and study what I took on class which is something I wouldn’t do on normal days back on second year. I used to do similar method back in middle school – studying the new lessons before I took them at school- in order to get better grades. But as soon as I entered the high school, it became tougher and a burden to me, I couldn’t foucs in school at all, I had horrible memories in first year. So I stopped doing that. Anyway because of that I didn’t have enough time to pack my luggage and my carry on bag/ purse. I had NINE days only, which is so unusual, vexing, anxiety to me. I always pack two weeks before the trip. But nine?! Anyway I kept packing on weekend and slowly filling the rest of essentials. Now only my tooth brush and deodorant, and stuff like that will be packed on the day of the trip.
As always, I’ll be posting pictures, and may be a diary too. I don’t know.

Take care.


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