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Are You Running Toward Your Dream, Or Your Family Expectation?

Are you running toward your dream or your family expectation?

I’ve read and heard many stories from people who aiming to be the best in collage or specialization, not because he’s an ambition person, but he had no choice but to live his family expectation.  First of all, it’s absolutely fine to make your parents happy, in fact it’s YOUR duty to make them happy, and I don’t see anything wrong for obeying your parents in order to make them happy and proud of you.

But to me I think making you family happy is important as your futures and dreams. Your future is controlled by you only! No one should be deciding your future. You have to be the one who decide as long it’s good and you can help your society.

Living for expectation is tough, not only for choosing your dream and future, but in school, work, contests, business…etc. honestly, almost everything. But when the time comes to sensitive or critical times related to your dream and future. This has to stop.  

I guess you can be rebellious for a while, but please control yourself. I’m 100% positive that they will accept or acknowledge your decision eventually. Do not overdo it; it will only bring negative result. Do not rise your voice, or use obscene words, or disobey them, and of course do not use violence!

The best way to make them understand is: Talking. Talk about your dream, explained to them, what this dream positives, why you choice this dream, how can you keep on living on this dream, Is there a job? Can you earn money from it? Can you make people happy? Does it need to travel to another place? You won’t regret it?  Talk to them hundred time in day. Do not stop even if they ignore you. Try to show them your abilities, work hard in front of them and show them your rewards and hard work.

DO NOT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN! It may take time but as long as you work hard and wait patiently, they will accept your dream.

I live in very supportive lovable family –Alhamdulilah (I thank god for that) – But I believe me I do consider the people who live in strict family, or they have a strained relationship with their family, actually not their family only, friends or “Co-called friends” they do play an important role by supporting that person or betraying and mocking that person. Some people are caring the world’s weight on their shoulders. There’s so many kind of people and problems. But still in my opinion talking is the best choice; you know your family and your situation the best. You have to figure out a way to grab your family and parents attention.  If you believe that no one on your side, then you are wrong.  Even if the whole world stand against, there’s still hope, as long as you believe you’re not alone, supporters will appear. The first supporter is your god, who created you, you can pray anytime anywhere.  Even if your friends aren’t helping you at all, you still have me. You still have this blog.

I know it’s hard to trust someone from internet, which doesn’t show her real name, or face. But it doesn’t mean I can’t help you. You’re completely free to talk to me or any author in this blog or not talk to us. We all have the same goal and thoughts, we want YOU to reach your dream, and we want to help YOU to fly to your dream land. This whole blog created for only YOU. I also have a dream, you know? I’m still walking till a reach my dream land to make my dream a reality. But I do have the ability to help people pursuit their dream as I, So why I don’t help them too? I don’t care about your name, age, nationality, knowledge, white or black, ugly or pretty. I don’t care as long as I can help you.

Do not hate your family they do care about you in their own way, they reject your dream because they want the best for you. All you have to do is persuade them to accept it. It does take a while, it depends on your parents, but I promise they accept it one day. You have to be patient.

I hope this will help you a little. Remember we are always here, we will never abandon you; be sure we will help you. But all the action goes to you in the end.



2 thoughts on “Are You Running Toward Your Dream, Or Your Family Expectation?

  1. wonderful piece of writing Sakura 🙂 Since you don’t want to share your real name maybe I can call you Sakura-chan?? I myself have one post like this in drafts which I will publish at the right time. But I felt that what you wrote will give insight to many people on following their dreams and create a beautiful world of their own. WIsh you luck with your own dream once again ^.^ keep going my dear

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