Sophie’s 3rd Contest💗

Yahoo everyone!
How’s your day? I’m happy every day and I’m feeling pleassed, Alhamdullah.
Supposedly, there’s two days left before the summer class break begin, but since everyone want the holiday so badly, my chem and biology teachers already end their things including us students , like midterms, projects, activities, book. When we come school again, we only gonna review the subject, expected questions and things like that. So you’ll understand that I will not attend the school next week.
In the morning I’ve been fulfilling my new schedule for Ramadan this year. So I always read Quran first than drawing a bit traditionally or digitally, then re – write my novel (Today I finished re – writing chapter 4) after that, I’ve been attach again to play persona 4 golden on psp 3 vita! I believe I reach where a certain person got thrown in the TV in a place called heaven , and level 80😍😍😍
And when I browser YouTube today, I saw sophie’s new video. It’s her 3rd Contest announcement, obviously I’m going to participate, hoping to win😆

See next time~
Bye bye 👋


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