Summer School

Good afternoon!

Yes, its clear from the title. Last week I enrolled in summer school! Why? Let me explain the reason probably starting from my high school system.

If you one of my old followers, you already know how the system works. The system divided to six levels/semester, we must complete a certain amount if hours to graduate, and also we have to take all the fundamental subjects and two free subject; like art, Managerial skills..etc.

The books are numbered; they not only for first semester or the third. My school planned my schedule in first and second year; because I didn’t took the summer class of the first year, but you should enrolled the subjects you need yourself.  For an example about my books, I have 6 mathematics books and I only studied 4, I take five in the fifth semester. I have 4 books of Arabic language and I studied them all, so I won’t take them again. I have one book called skill life and family education and I finished that.

In each semester you need to get 7 subjects(you don’t have to! If you took a summer class twice) , in rare situation you can get 8 subjects but you’ll have to abandon your break time; because it will be your 8th class.

This system is really close to collage system, and it only run for few years and not all schools, so it’s still new on us.

Because it’s new, a lot of mess happen and cause a heavy damage to us. That’s the reason I took the summer class of the second in HS.

Because of the mess in the beginning of the year, we were forced ( me and my friends) to withdraw from Biology 3 which the administrators schedule it for my original class 1 (The class wont change even if you leveled up unless your some of your schedule is different, you won’t see your classmate but you’re still in class 1) so we enrolled in Ecology (one book only) and only small group enrolled in Ecology while all the classes were taking Biology, there’s reallllly small chance to be available in the fifth semester, and if the biology isn’t available, I’ll be forced to take the third summer class after GRADUATION!!! no one want that, right?

The second reason is to make it easier, The system is extremely hard and requires a lot of hard work. so taking a summer class will make it lighter for me, and I’ll get in some of classes off.

I’m not good at explaining ^^”

The school start at 8 and ends at 9:30 if you took one subject, 11:00 if you took two, 12:30 if you took three. There’s no more than three.

I’ll post about my experience in SC when I finish.


Have a good day!


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