Special Post- New desk Tour


Hello everyone and welcome to another special post!

Today I want to take you through my new desk. If your following me on insta, I posted a picture there, you can find it if you scroll down. But I’ve never actually took you through.

So let’s get started already!

I’m going to start from above the desk.



I keep above some pictures, and chicken XD, bear, fake flowers just to give the desk a nicer look. I also add that (Bowl?) filled with cyan glass beads, I usually put my sunglasses, and my PC ray protecter glasses, and an egg and my USBs, I also put any random thing.

The one in the left in the second picture, I keep my keys in.



I have this home since I was kid as you can tell, It’s look nice on my desk, and it’s really great for storage! I hanged my flower headband on.

Next is my desk top, I’ll be starting from the right corner.


I found this cool little basket from childhood toys! I haven’t found the rest yet, I only found four of them, two on my desk, two on my night stand to put my Duaa books or prayer books, and eye mask and other things. The green basket is for all my body care product, and there’s some lipstick. The white basket contain all my perfumes pulse a small mirror from the body shop tucked in.

Beside my baskets, there’s a pen holder like a basket I bought it from Japan.


In the front of my baskets I keep my old pen holder to keep my hair brush and comb, I filled with orange glass beads to make it stand and give it a nice look.


The left corner, there’s one of these round boxes that came with a bunch of different sizes and colors, I keep my tablet cable and my camera charger in this orange box. The case above the box sound familiar to you? It’s one of the cases you got in emirates flights when your flight is at night and you will reach your destination at morning! there was a pair of socks, eye mask and tooth brush. When I came back I took all these out and placed my little mouse which fit perfectly in! Then I have a board tucked in.CYMERA_20140605_181756

There’s my shelf. I have three shelf, the first one contain a small bag filled with some little  hair accessory, and there’s boxes of pendants, earnings…etc. and there’s some face product.

The second shelf contain more pendants and bracelets, and booby pens, hairbands, headbands, a little pocket with some cash, one two school planners, one memory journal, passwords/ important info/classified info notepad and strawberry notepad for DA and Insta requests.

The third shelf contain the-not-frequently-used items or items need to be repaired and some papers and kingdom hearts book marks. In the front, there’s a calender and heart globe.

CYMERA_20140605_181921On my left side, I keep a small sketch book, tablet, book to write my novel, psp portable and psp vita in the gray case, work planner and tissue.


With this planner/notepad I keep track and  my plans to my novel, DA, blog, youtube…etc I may take you through this in the future.

The desk closet is not organize ^^” but it have some files, notebooks and so many things! It’s like a storage closet.


I hope you liked this one! like for more!



Tell me what do you think

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