When The Magic Have a Logic

When the magic have a logic

Hello world! like I said before I’ll be sharing with you my project in details. So today’s project that I’ll sharing with you tonight is the physics experiments display.

Most of the girls took tables outside, but we decided to go for a room since our theme is different than them, all of them are doing experiments about specific scientist like the one who found electricity, but we’re doing a physics tricks, see how exciting is that XD

First of all let me introduce my team:  Somayo, Rafoo, Honofa, Dandona, Maho, Ghado, and me. Obviously I couldn’t  get there permission to put there name here, so I wrote their nicknames which I called them. Oh you can find Rafoo and somayo at insta:

@rafoofira @somayaalharbii

Since we got a room, we got a lot of hard work to be done.

We started working on Wednesday this week, we change the management of the tables to the letter “U” and two tables near the door, two tables near the last round of the experiments, and more four table in the middle.

All of us bought something for the class room, a bunch of stuff! I bought a silk black fabric 10X40 to cover the table “U” and wooden curtain door decoration. Me and Honofa attatch the fabric edges by black duct tape, and I found that the fabric is still moving so I cut 2 inch of duct tape and folded inward, so the sticky part will stick the edges, then I placed on surfers of the table and stick the fabric on, this way the fabric wont move.

We took care of the extra tables, but we couldn’t move the chairs out, so Ghado thought of placing the chairs above each other in the back of the room, and to cover the chairs, she thought of covering it by 4 big pieces of cork boards to give the room more cleaner and nicer look. we sprayed the cork boards by black and red spray paints.

With another cork boards, Somayo, Rafoo, and Ghado drew the letters on the cork boards the word MAGIC, then Rafoo cut the letters by cork cutter. We painted the letters, and then Dandona said it will be cooler if we hang them rather than glue them. So we bought a box of big nails and one black yarn, Me and Ghado and Honofa tight a strong knot and the nail head with black yarn and measured the perfect length and tight the end into a knot with another nail. We punch one nail on the letter and the other one on the top of the coke board. This is how we hang all the letters to the cork boards.

Of course we need an attractive sight, so I drew a panel which is the picture in the very beginning of the post, and I printed on poster meterial and glued to thin cork, then placed outside near the door. I drew it by Manga studio 5.

Dandona got help from our classmate to help us to decor the door. we bought lamps and black light, and some of our experiments printed to give the girls.

We made a small table at the end of the tour, and we placed coffee, cake and cookies.

OH! we printed out some cartoonist pictures of bats, and we glued only the center of the bat to the 4 big cork boards. So the cork boards were under the air conditioner which gave the bat really nice effect, they appeared as they’re flying.

Now the lights. We covered the windows with big black and red papers to cover the light, and Rafoo bought a black light to make it more mysterious.

I know you’ve wandering about the four tables in the center of the room! Well… we put there a bucket cover with black plastic bag firmly, and we filled it with water to half, and put a fragrant! It’s like a witch’s pot!! XD XD XD XD I know I know were just having fun guys 😛

Finally we have two board on the wall,  we just make little origami starts and glued them to the board.

So everything is ready!

Little by little our little room got busier and busier, so many students and teachers! Sometime I hardly find the time prepare my tools for the next group, it was kinda stressful but I manged.

It was very fun and looooooooong day, we had to clean and put everything back together! I feel sorry because I had to back home early while the rest spend another hour before going home.

I didn’t expect that our project we leave such and impact in the school! I’m really happy! it’s like the biggest accomplishments in my life! even my physic teacher and my school principal came! You need to learn my feelings.

So here some pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously the other project weren’t really nice as this one, of course they like it! but it’s something big that I should write about.

I hope you enjoy this!

Have a nice day<3


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