What I’ve Been Doing?

Good afternoon! How are you all?

I hope you’re doing fine 🙂

I want to take a bit of time before I post the results of AlterEgo’s competition here, although many of  you will be very depressed with this results, but I’m perfectly fine with it and I accepted . On March 20 they send me an email saying: ” Thank you for submitting your story. Unfortunately you didn’t go through to the next level, keep it up and wish you the best”

Well, I received a shock of course, so I went a head asking them. I ask them about levels, they explained to me that they have multiple rounds and my story passed the first round.  I was happy that they picked my story over 100 of stories out there, and it’s very important for me.

Well I didn’t win, and I don’t know who’s the winner, however I wish them luck.

Entering this competition was a good opportunity  to get motivate and inspired to write again in better way,  more enthusiasm, in great quality that everyone can acknowledge it. Which mean that I need to rewrite it again.

Umm what else?

I have a death sentence in next few weeks =_= I have 4 big projects: Physics experiment display, Ecology seminar, Advertisement, Awareness Corona Middle East.

if you don’t know, I’m from middle east, and currently Corona disease have swept middle east, and luckily there has been no epidemic so far, so we use this opportunity to publish awareness to avoid the epidemic in the future. Pray for us ❤

Well I’m planning to share with you ALL the project details when we do it, I sure you will enjoy it 🙂


Thank you for listening to me 🙂



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