Fave Books 2

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you all doing fine ^^ I was wandering after my last post about what next post will be. I have may things to chat with you today, so let’s start with my favorites books part 2

1. A Child Called “It” one child’s courage to survive.

By: Dave Pelzer.

60748I have read ” The lost boy” by the same author and I really loved the story. I didn’t know that was the second book of the story ^^” I read it and recall some events based on the first book like when his mother stabbed him ); The story was really emotional.


By: William Shakespeare.


I bought this book for my novel research. The story is really amazing! But the story telling is like a paly so it wasn’t really attractive to me, however the story itself is incurable!

3. A Man Named Dave.

By: Dave Pelzer.


I almost forgot to talk about this book. this is the third part of the story, so after he got out from the house, the story didn’t end here! It’s like the real Cinderella story. Cinderella real story begin after she with the prince and live happily, so the third part talking about his work and his father illness and marriage. It’s really my best author, I fell in love with his books.


By : Anna Enquist.


This story about a mother lost her daughter who loved music. The story telling is not really attractive to me but it’s good. I didn’t finish it.

5. Hwjn  ( حَوجن)

By: Ibrahim Abbas (ابراهيم عباس)


I don’t read many Arabic novels, but this one it was WOW. I saw my friends many time gather in a circle reading the same book, so I was really excited to read it. It’s a story about a Jinn fall in love in human girl. Many years ago this Jinn called Hwjin live in big house with his mother and his grandfather, but one day, a human family moved to this house. His mother was crying because she can’t leave this place where my father was living before he died. Then a human girl shows, she chose a room Hwjin used to be his room. When he saw this human girl, he fell for her! It’s really great story. I have 5 chapters left!

That’s All ^^


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