I’m Back!

Good evening

It’s 9:25pm right now, today I was fasting. I just came back yesterday evening, it was incurable! I loved this year more than any year in Jakarta! I made many memories and I came to many events, It was only one month but I felt it were a months.  I had a lot of fun with my family and create memories with them, I got few idea how I can make my light novel better and how to fix the errors. This month felt like year … seriously, I already miss them all.

Where should I start?

I don’t have great event everyday, most of it was going to the malls.

1. Open fasting in INPRES.

I traveled to Jakarta in the middle of Ramadan as you all know, so we opened our fasting together with my second family ( my family who lives in Jakarta, and the other half of my family are in KSA) we had a lot of fun there chatting, telling stories, taking photos and more. INPRES is my mother villa and our home us well.

2. Eid Al-fitry.

Ramadan ended, we went to masjed to pray salat al eid, it was pretty nice place, we prayed on the green grass. and then I went to my mom brother house and we eat there an had a lot fun with our family and relatives who came to visit.

Then we move to visit the rest of our relatives who couldn’t come.

3.Garuda Restaurant.

After a few days we gathered in Garuda Restaurant. We had fun there talking and eating the yummy food ^^

4. Punck.

It was very very great beautiful amazing incurable experience I never had before! I went to punck many times already but this time was different! I really loved what going in there. There was photoshoot to make an album for us family and we played in the garden and we workout, swimming, playing UNO it was REALLY LIKE A DREAM I NEVER EVER DREAM IT ABOUT IT.

5. Anniversary day.

I don’t have much to say, because it’s my mom and dad anniversary day! But I had a lot of fun there and I looked to my parents pictures.

I guess this is all the most beautiful events.

Now some pictures ^^

Thank you and good night 🙂



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