How to draw background (part one)

Good afternoon!

It’s 6:25pm, I just uploaded my awaite YT video how to draw backgraound:

I felt it will be better to have another part of this video While I’m editing the video. The video is soo long and I put all the information and explanation you need to understand well and able to draw. I’m not perfect in background, beside this is my second time drawing a background. Let’s learn together!

Sorry there’s a word mistake in the video, I tried to corrected but it tells me error everytime! So the first word if I remember is “hanged” I didn’t mean hanged, I meant hang it. And “size fits”, only “size” .I do not know why I put fits in the first place =_=

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Atsuhisa Okura- How to Draw Backgrounds:…
The book my big bro bought from

Drawing backgrounds isn’t hard once you have the basic lines right, the picture I drew have two point, however, the lines doesn’t follow the picture, that makes me confused :\ If anyone know please tell me.

Tomorrow I will wake up early this time!4:00am ! I need to wake up 4 o’clock tomorrow so I will have enough time to write my novel. Today I wake up 7:45am T_T and start filming 10:00 and finished 11:30. Then I charged the camera and start editing the video after lunch at 2:15pm. Then I finished 4:00pm. The uploading took 1 hour. and it’s 6:40 now. I’m so tired -_-

Today was really full! Oh and I found a reaaaally beautiful topic! I will write it and see when I can publish it tomorrow. I don’t feel to move now -_-

I will just eat my dinner and watch Sket Dance, before bedtime I read manga or anything, and TRY to wake up early! Help me god!

Well I’m off to have some rest…

Goodnight to the country if is already night.

Much love,



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