I have an instagram


Good morning!

I mad an instagram account before my exams, but I haven’t used yet. Today I added my drawings in this website. I hope you visit.

I have a problem while submit in DA, the categories section cannot appear, so I can’t submit anything without selecting the categories. I don’t know why. So I submit here first till I find a solution.

I will take a little about the drawings:


I was touched by the art of Arisa manga! I love the both twins! I draw this by during the school.


As you all know! I’ve been playing virtue’s last reward game. This character from the game, she called Phi. I love her soo much, she so mysterious! I draw her in her animated version and add little of my style; to be close to her real animated version.


Yeah, she looks way better than in the OVA ^^


Quark from virtue’s last reward too. He’s the only child in the game, however he’s really clever! I did the same with Phi.

My instagram link:



Tell me what do you think

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