I Missed You <3

Hello everyone!

Yeah, really long time no post, sorry about that ^^” I didn’t know what should actually write about because i didn’t do anything. It’s just study, study and study! no more! Mmm I’m doing well. I didn’t start writing or drawing for a more than month maybe :/

I just came up with really small topic, many people missed this! It’s: The joy of life.

I’m pretty sure many visitors and followers think of me as a smart student because I always study to not fall in my grades. And they see this really tough! The truth is yeah it’s really tough and tiring, but I never say it was very dull and pointless or Annoying. Because this a JOY. The school itself is joy. The joy of learn, the joy of friendship, the joy of moments, the joy of having results, the joy of success and more!


Close your eyes and fell all what happened in school days. It was fun, right?you  treasure every moments, right?  So even after school or outside the school. you can feel the joy of your life. Work, money, thinking about future, anything! It’s can be tough and annoying, but if you remember how did you did you feel the joy of never give up and try again, or any other kind of  joys.

The real joy is to worship Allah and perform the duties and leave the taboo and lead the prayer and do whatever pleases God and leave what God hates. So maintained your religion and trying to please God and get the highest paradise and remember that this world is ephemeral and eternal afterlife. If you lose this joy will be lost in the darkness and feel internal vacuum not filled with whatever you have tried many ways. So love Allah and enjoy the other joys 😀


Have a great bloomed day and sweet  joys ❤

Love you<3



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