Sweet Sweet Holiday <3


Hi everyone! I miss you and I miss my blog. The last two weeks was very hard! I thank god that became easy. yesterday was my last day in the final exams, I’ve got 10 days for the vacation, all thought it’s really not much  I can have fun, but it’s relaxing. Today I was thinking what I should do in my mid-term holiday. I’ll do more posts and prepare a new article – you will love this one – I’ll draw more and more, and I will write chapter 12 from my novel, AND have fun!
My holiday is in my home. Some of my highschool friends will travel, and some of them will go to their family villa, and some like me 🙂 staying at home sweet home~ Yesterday night my middle school friends invited me to reunion tomorrow’s morning. I didn’t go; because there no one can drive me to where they will go, which change my mode -_-
I’ve become crazy about J-drama! I rarely watch dramas, I was really into anime and manga, but somehow I watched J-drama again! First one was Hana Kimi, then SMILE, Maou, and more. I love SMILE OST so much , it’s so beautiful and relaxing, I’m listening to the OST right now ^^
If you ask me are you fan of some Japanese actors? Yeah, I’m fan of  Shun oguri and Ikuta Toma, but I’m not a crazy fan at all >//<
 Wow, it’s been around 25 mines I’m writing this post! I’ve gatte write this week article. I’ll write more soon 🙂
Much love xxx

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