A Step Make Me Closer To My Dream

Hello lovely viewers!

It’s 6:55 p.m, I was wondering what I should post. Yesterday I draw and learned how to draw female anatomy, the result was more than great, I’m very happy to be able to draw this after just 6 practice of drawing anatomies. This drawing made me feel closer to my dream, If I was able to draw whole characters from different angle and different expressions , that mean I’ve complete character design and the next step is background, than manga!!! I will share with you the drawing:


I’ve done this drawing by linking using black pen. I learned this pose and anatomy from a book called MangaMania Girl Power by Chris Hart my big bro bought. I’m going to practice even more, so starting from now on I’ll try to draw all my drawings with anatomy. OH wait! How could I forget that I don’t draw guys well T_T I will do my on this too. My bro bought to me a COPIC MARKERS that I requested, I felt lucky! All thought it’s the wrong markers number 😦 I told him copic markers ciao set B, I forgot to tell him 36 color, so he bought 12 color (Basic). But it’s ok, I’m not sad. I wish I can make a video about the books and the copic markers, but I’ll not doing video till I buy a camera. I’m uploading the past drawings while I’m typing right now. Isn’t much only 5 and with the anatomy is 6, I’ve lot of stress during this year oh my god. final exams after 3 weeks, and I still stressed.

Let me talk about the past drawings.


After watching Code Geass, I completely touch by Lelouch Vi Britannia.  To be honest, this anime touch my heart.

(?/?…..I Can’t remember all the past 5 drawings)

Just I was bored and decided to draw myself 😀 Hey! she doesn’t look like me, I don’t have a big forehead!


I felt to draw


Yeah, this one is a birthday present for a friend! she liked Alhamdulillah, I was confused what I should draw for her XD


My school project.


I will never forget that date, it’s my perfect great female anatomy…A step make me closer to my dream.

You can see the drawings right here:

It’s 6:45! I spend  50 mins writing this! I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I wish I can mae this post longer but what should I do?  Have a great evening with your families!




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