My Painting


Hi~ Do remember about my painting? It’s one of my projects, I post a sketch about in last few postes. Today i will show you my lovely painting complete *o*


I’ll talk a little about this painting. I asked my teacher what we will do in this project, she said you can do anything, painting is allowed, but you have to put some meteral like wood and some thing like that. The deadline is 8/12/2012 so back then I had three months. I stat searching in internet about trees, than I found a very beautiful tree, than i draw a sketch. Next step is coloring, I was wondering what kind of colors I’ll use, Oily colors or watercolors? You can see the painting,IΒ  decide to use watercolor to challenge myself. While i was about to finish from coloring, I have to put some meterial, this one was very hard because i don’t know where and what i need. I had an idea, I don’t have the meterial that fit with my painting so I will make this view in fantasy world!! I start collect diffrent metetial like:wood, green rocks, plastic flowers. . . And here it is! I’m very proud of my painting. It will be in DA soon!

Thanks for reading!
Note: do not use any pictures from my blog without asking me.


3 thoughts on “My Painting

    1. Thank you<3 That's why I hate watercolors! But I found this chance to challenge myself one more time πŸ˜€
      Thanks Ru-chan for your comment! It makes me happy πŸ™‚

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