New Things!

Hello everyone! Do you remember a post called “A Busy Life”? Well I suppose to name this post More Busier Life! seriously, I’m so so stressed more than my years in middle school, It just unbelievable you know! So… why I’m stressed? Well, I have many many projects come again and again, I have so much homework and researches,  I am the leader of 2 groups and the member didn’t feel to get work, I have exams shouldn’t fall in anyone,  One of my teachers hate for unknowing reason! It’s something mysterious! I can’t get it! Do you want to know more? I don’t think so 😉

Let’s put the sad things a side, Do you know Sungha Jung? He’s amazing! You need to check him in YouTube, I won’t tell you who is till you find out by yourself 😀

I have done nothing with my novel :/ I back to drawing again 😀 I will have less time so I won’t be able to makes videos 😐

Thanks for reading!



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