Artist Block…And Writer Block!


The title is clear, artist block and writer block! I have really long long long time I didn’t draw and I have exams 😦 it will be end by next week, and I will go to Britannia!! All Hail Britannia!! ( It’s from code geass, if you didn’t watch yet, you have to watch it NOW! it so great, download it from bakabt).  Ok, since I didn’t draw for a long time, I feel soo sad 😥 I couldn’t complete chapter ten in my novel , this’ all make me feel … crazy. I have some project aren’t done yet :0

I will make the video next week since my vacation start next week! Well that’s a good news :’) yesterday I draw a cover for chapter ten! and one of my projects is drawing so I will upload the first sketches later (If I have time 🙂 )

I want to make this post longer, but what should i do? it’s been a while since my last article, do have any topic you want to appear here? leave a comment!




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