School Life

Hello everyone, good afternoon! I’m soo happy that i find some time to talk a little about school. In my fist day it was well …Normal maybe? from the 2nd day i’ve become busy! you not ganna belive it, right? Let’s let go with it. Lets talk about projects or DEADLY projects!!

What kind of projects i have?

I have 7 books, And i have a projects in every book! Some of them make a deadline and some wanted tomorrwo.In all the books we have a file. In every files there must be a C.V and all the group C.V( We in Groups!).

The most projects is about searching and writing and teaching but some projects need to do a film or some papers anything. I like doing a projects and it so fun for me, you know? but doing a many projects in many subjects make me feel depress! Thats why i called deadly projects.

In the weekend i will draw yaaaaaaay so happy! 😀

Ok, see you soon ;D



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