Speed Drawing- Yuuki Asuna

Hello everyone! I’m back with another video and it is speed drawing for Yuuki Asuna from Sword art online. I was filming a tutorial, but i will upload this video first 🙂
I write some notes in the video and it’s important! In any video i upload, don’t be shy, and tell me if you want this video as a tutorial!
I used: Pencil BBBB, Cotton, Brush, Liquid.
Time: 2 Hours and few mines.

It seems that I have a problem in copyright when i put Broken Wings-Trinity Blood OST, I guess I got a warning, but nothing bad happened :/

1-shinkai-Elfen Liend Original Soundtrack.
2-Broken Wings-Trinity Blood OST.
3-Tatakai no daishou.


I’m sorry if is not very clear 😦 i will change my camera soon:)
Hope you like it!

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