New 3 Drawings + Some News!!

Hello everyone, good afternoon. I’ve been fighting with my scanner till he fixed, so I scanned my last 3  drawings:

First drawing ( 22/8/2012):

The character was Ikuto from Shugo Chara. I’ve start drawing fan-art males, and I started by Ikuto. It doesn’t look like him, so I will keep drawing him till get better before move to another character. I used pencil BBBB.

Secend draing in the same day:

This drawing was completely drawn in all the papre. The view was about an original character looking in some books in downtown in a park, which the seller are trying to sell them.

Third drawing (23/8/2012):

I print one of my original drawing and colored by pencilwatercolors- faber-castell ( Without water ).

The drawings will be rady soon in my blog.

And for the news , i will make a ” Schedule Works” page in all my websites, so i will not leaves you like the last year. I made my YT channel !!! but now i’m abloading my video, it takes time. When it get ready i will show you. Today i will write a post about my workspaece.

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My Formspring:

My Blog:



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