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Suzuki Sara-Original Character In My Novel.

Hello everyone, good afternoon. i didn’t want to put my orignal character here, because they will change of my grawing skills and art. But because i used something new, i will showed to you. yesterday i upload one original boy, and i didn’t draw again. because yesterday there’s was a pray for finishing the holy Qur’an. So today i draw this for you:

Ok i know, she’s horrible because i used the link, i’m not very used for it. so here you the story. I take of my paper and perpare my tools, and i hold my pencil” what i draw today?” i decided to draw sara again ( check my drawing page, or my old posts) because my skills and art has improved she looks different. First i sketch like always and takes 1 hour, then i linked for 20 mines and finally i colored in 1 hour. So the total is 2 hours and half :O

I used:

1-Pencil BBBB.
2- Water color- faber castell ( I only have this for now)
3- Tissu.
4- 2 black pens for linking, one of them have a thick tip.
I’m not used to linking, so i mussed up in many spot one of them is the eyes. i need to practice more and more. The truth is, when i open my DA this morning, I read thire news.  From his news, now i’m able to sell my drawings. that i start using the link. and it will ne better, if my art and skills have imroved more.

I used for coloring the skin:
Brown 487, creamy 430.
For the eyes:
Dark purple 437.
For the hair:
Dark purple 437, purple 434.
For the T-shirt ( School uniform):
Gray 496, Yellow 407.
For the tie:
Dark pink 429, light Strawberry ( comment & like for my colors name :D ) 427.
Gray 496.

This is was just a try. I’m not begin seriuos to sell it, don’t take the wrong idea XD

I will try to drawing something again if i can – i’m not sure- because today we have some thing to do.

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With God Bless



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