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New Original Character- Boy Again

Hello everyone, i’ve draw another original character-Boy. Why? Because i want get better and better at drawing males and females. I used pencil BBB. i still  didn’t practice on drawing the anatomy for males. and i’m done at females anatomy and i didn’t master it yet! so i will keep practicing. The next drawing will be a fan art for a boy or a girl, and i will publish it at night.

If  you look at my boys drawing, you will see this drawing is liiittle better. Do you know this? The prince that i draw for sophie’s contest, is more and much handsome boy i ever draw. Because he is handsome,  I can draw a pretty one again. The reason is: Unknowing.

The school is very soon, so i start planning how i can study and draw and check my websites. So this year will be different, i won’t draw something in one month and leave my blog without any posts and leave my DA without any drawin and leave my Formspring without answering. When i done planning i will tell you.

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