Can’t Get Up Early


Have a problem of getting up early? Do you alway faild in getting up early? This is the artical this week, this is one of simple life problems. Getting up early is very simple if you know it, keep reading to know more.

The famous reasons to not get up early:
One of this reasons is stay late at night, to watch a movie, sports, hung out with friends, play. . . ect. So you hardly woke up early.
2nd you don’t have a sleep feeling, i mean you don’t feel sleepy.

How to fix:
1- Try to sleep early.


2- Don’t think too much.
3- Have an enagh time to sleep (8 hours).
4- Be more relax and have a good sleep.
5- Don’t eat too much.
6- Drink a hot milk before sleep help you to have a nice sleep.


7- Read something(a book maybe?).
8- Have a qick shower.
9- Clear you mind.
10- Say to yourself that you will woke up in this hour or in the morning.
10- For your own health, drink water.


If you have something to add, you’re welcome.
If you do (or try this tips) every night, you can simply wake up early. Just don’t force yourself like i will sleep mean i will sleep, you will not sleep because you’ve forced yourself. Be more relaxed and have great sleep without thinking too much.


Waking up early make your look more healthier and longer day and you can do many things. You can enjoy the sunrise view and the healthy air in the morning (did you know that pure and the healthy air just in the morning?)

Hope you like the artical this week and write what do you think.


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With god bless


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