When You’re Angry, How Do You Deal With Them


Good day everyone. This artical was suppost to be publish yesrterday but i forgot. The artical today talks about the angery people and how do you deal with.
Even i can’t deal with them very good. Well, the first thing before start anything, that the angre come with a reason. You should now this reason and understand it well, if you understan it well try to avoid it.
Now let’s talk about the angry person. sir angry, you can not get angry with a person don’t know your problem. Let me give you an exsmple, there’s a poor girl anf her mother is sick in the hospital, she met her her friend in the road. She told her that her mother is sick and want to make her happy, her friend sugguest to buy a  ring. The girl got angry and yell at her friend. Her friend didn’t know that she was poor. The hurt one is not she, both is hurt.
The anger is like fire of hell. Try to avoided, if someone get anger to you, your silent is not a weak, and you hurt word is sword.

To the sir angry:
Like i said, don’t get angre with somebody don’t know you well and knows your problems. Even with someone knows you your relantionshipe with may broke. So be carefull. Hold you angre for a while, and think carefully what you will say. If everything is done and you still angre try to hit the pillow ( I’m not joking, it’s really helpfull, if you don’t leave your anger, youself inside will be tired ). And if your anger still, try to get closer to the god and pray, and Allah will slove this problem to you without a headche.

To the sir who was the anger person target:
Like i said, with every angre a reason. Try to know this reason and understand it well, then avoid it to not get angry. Or help him is the best way. But do not do something wrong, it may not trust you or you don’t your rule seriuosly which mean foild him.



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