I’ve Won !!

Good afternoon. finally my exams is over completely today. Next year i will be in high school i can’t believe it. BUT the important thing is results and results. Today i was very happy and sad in the same time. Do you know why? because this is the last year togather with my friends! somebody will go different school and some to her country…ect. so we want hang out togather. so we eat out and have a lot of  fun and talk…I’m very sad:(

But we will meet again… maybe this is the last time- we don’t know if we can gather again in the future- we will meet again when we take our report 😦 😦 it’s make me sad and sad.

I don’t plan to make this post to a sad post. so i will say something very great. like i promise i will make a great artical about ” Your Brain ” and draw more and more, And…..

When i was watching the Indonesia news i hear some ..WOW, they open a manga school called Machiko manga school. Machiko is a girl live in Jakarta for 5 years and she’s professional. i’m so happy. and if i reached to level 5 i can draw manga and publish it in Indonesia or Japan YAAY.

And of course will put my manga here 😀 :p





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