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Sleeping Memories ( My Novel Synopsis )

Good evening, i told you yesterday i will tell you about my novel story, just synopsis. let’s start :

Sleeping Memoris

Am I the Fund who is looking for his lost key? That’s what I was thinking when I lost my memories, I was the only daughter left in the family after my parents got murdered 3 years ago, after that I started living alone in a small dorm in Tokyo, because I have lost my memories directly after my parents died, I think I’ve become a mysterious girl after that.

Years passed, I’ve become in middle school third grade, class D, and I move to the dorm, the dorm I lives in Tokyo was small like I said, it’s only few people in, it’s only 5:

Narukame Mai –Me- Yamagishi Kotory, Sonoda Chiaki, Suzuki Sara ( Remeber what i wrote in my last drawing in 23/5/2012), and Sasaki Makoto.

I couldn’t get along with everybody, because I was afraid if they will look at me like poor girl, the only girl she was trying to become nice to me in the beginning was Kotory-san, when I was alone she put her hand on my head and said:

“Is the voice still stuck?”

That’s was the beginning to get along with everybody in the dorm, But on Friday in the same week, I was walking near candy shop alone in Mary’s garden, someone appear, he was wearing a gray long jacket with a hat and black clothes, and he put a black cloth around his mouth, that was the beginning of everything.

Note : Do not take my novel without my permission, and if you get a permission write my name in the end and my blog website( Even if it just a synopsis, do not take my novel idea).

I not decide yet to put in the blog , you can see 😦 i’m afraid from thiefs ).




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