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Everyone is hero in his story , Life story, Maybe you see a boy or girl wake up in the morning 5:30 am and get ready for school!
Maybe you see that it’s normal very normal ( Only the people working now , maybe thay forgot ūüėõ )
But if you really think about it you will see that is not easy as you see not very easy . . .
I maen you have to go school do your homeworks do presentation or some things , study hard for test or nothing , go to buy some item for school . . . A lot of things . .
Will? it’s easy or not?
You have do your best every day . . . !
That girl or that boy . . . Is not a hero?
Now i’m just talk about boys school and girls school . . .
Let’s talk about works! !
Maybe anyone working reading my¬†artical now, know how¬†work¬†feeling , i’m right?
You have to do your best in your work !
Maybe your work is hard!
You are a HERO! !!
Anyone do his best he is a hero. . .
Anyone have a dream and do his best to be come true he is a hero . . .
Keep this in your main :
” I have a dream ”
” I’m a HERo ”
You are a personal main in your life . . .
I think you love watch tv , ok . . . You see a lot of tv shows , every show have hero or personal main , you see now a movie talk about a man don’t have money and no work(poor), and the end the movie you saw that man be come rich , he have new work , a beautiful home , a beautiful garden , a nice wife , i lot of kids , and happy . . .
You will think : ( that man was good , he is really hero ) . . .
Aftre you reading my artical, look to the first comment , and tell me how you feeling.

The next artical will be ” Our Power ”

This artical wrote by :
Sakura Mikan

Please do not copyed and this artical i wrote it by myself, if you wanna take it , write in the end : this artical wrote by Sakura Mikan in her blog Yume No Michi , Thank you .


One thought on “Heros

  1. Now after your reading , Can you tell me how you feeling?
    Trust me . . . You don’t need to be superman to be come a hero! !
    Just do your best , and work hard every day . . .
    If you a normal person , you can change now! ! Do anything… new & special .

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