Very hard day

OMG. .  
Today i’m very tired , tired to the death, do you remeber what missions i was giving yesterday? I do it all except medals, our homeroom teacher told me to do the paper in the computer, but the printer was crazy , he was eating papers!!!!  So i ask my friend to do it to me, she accept, but i was so scared if i didn’t made it in time , today i went to school early ( I think is 6:00 a.m ), i work my others jobs as well in the school, but my friend was late, she come around 7:00 – 7:10 , i was scared , when she arrive , i cut the paper to become like a small card, then i put it into a strong plastic file, then i cut it and put it togather. . .ect.
I finish my work 9:45, and i didn’t eat my lunch yet, i was giving more and more works, and we alllllll finish it 12:00 and then we ate, but time out is 1:00 so i sleep for a while ( i didn’t really sleep but i just relax and close my eyes ), i back home verrrrrrrrrrry tired, REALLY . . . What a hard day.



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