Last Minute

OH my god guys!

Yesterday day was really stressful day, I was like insane person typing on the keyboard for hours!

Yeah! Yesterday was the final day for the deadline and miraculously I make it! So here the story:

When I decided to join Alter Ego competition it was a month ago I guess, and rather than creating a new story, why not I use “Sleeping Memories” since I have 7 chapters left? So I can calmly catch up with the deadline, which was on 1st march. Then I totally forgot about it and became busy with school endless projects and exams. I remembered the deadline last week on physic exam day. I was freaking out!! I have four days only?! What should I do?! I don’t have time at all!!!

Then you can guess the rest.

I hope I can win, pray for meee!


Thank you



AlterEgo Productions Competition

Good afternoon!

Sorry I didn’t post for a while, I missed you so much <3

I thought it’s selfish to keep this to myself, so I though it will be a good thing to tell you that :)

I supposed that I finish my light novel in December, but I failed. I’m so so sorry to disappoint you, I didn’t mean for this. Today I want to Inform you that I’m going to submit my work to AlterEgo Productions Competition, you can see the details in the link below:

I think is really good chance to see how they will react to my story, even if I didn’t get the reward, I will keep creating stories and try to publish them or submit them in competition like this :)

If the results of the competition’s out, I will think about publishing it, so don’t worry about it :)

I hope to keep believing in me more.

Thank you for reading my post.



Ticket For The Future


Good afternoon everyone.
Yesterday, I went to college to take General capacities exam for admission to universities. the exam include language and mathematics, It wasn’t that hard but I managed to do well after relaying on god. This exam was only a ticket for my future. I stopped here, What I want to be in the future? Of course! without any doubt! I want to be a manga artist! but…my culture doesn’t believe in art and they don’t accepted so much, so If I want to learn art I have to go to japan or any other country I have to pay by myself. I don’t want to trouble my parents, since my bro’s studying IT in Japan by my parents money, So, If I could study manga there I will go and after things are settled, I’ll start a part time job to earn some money. If god didn’t wrote that for me I will go for architecture home design. This the only and last option for me, I don’t like architecture home design but I like it. I like art in general, but the only art I deeply love and willing to learn is manga and nothing else.
I’m still in dilemma though.

Thanks for listening to me :)

I Missed Ya!

Good afternoon everyone!!

I missed you soooooo much <3 <3

How are all? I hope you’re doing fine.

Since I was free I decided write a new post<3

I was really active at Inastgram more than any other social website especially Deviant Art, i don’t know why but I feel I don’t have a big motive to post a new drawings every time a draw, I don’t have enough time to go the scanner and then submit. Inastgram is more quicker to my tight time. But I hope my followers will motivate and encourage me to post again <3

Enough with that! I want to talk with you more important things.

Soon…I will buy a new desk!!!! Finally!! Because my current desk is soo tiny and all my staff are messy on and under the desk, which makes me very uncomfortable while drawing and making videos and even my own study, and I end up sometime writing on my legs. and the chair is broken as well and make it worse. I going to find a bigger desk with a lot of storage units. So once I’m ready I will start making videos. Seriously, I can’t work in such environment !

And about the novel…I’m really late with it! Probably I should start the deadline system up again! I’m still on chapter 7, honestly I told you before, re writing a story is much much and much more harder that writing draft that’s tired me from thinking of new ideas!!! 

And I’m starting to learn Japanese language, and I mastered the first 10 letters from Hiragana which is:

あ い う え お か き く け こ

I always spend a little of night time and learn new 5 letters everyday if I could.

I reaally excited for the weekend to buy a new desk!! and probably buy a containers too. 

It’s 5:40PM I should end this post, thanks for reading and have a wonderful night!

OH! Do you have any ideas for this week article? Think about it!



Fave Books 2

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you all doing fine ^^ I was wandering after my last post about what next post will be. I have may things to chat with you today, so let’s start with my favorites books part 2

1. A Child Called “It” one child’s courage to survive.

By: Dave Pelzer.

60748I have read ” The lost boy” by the same author and I really loved the story. I didn’t know that was the second book of the story ^^” I read it and recall some events based on the first book like when his mother stabbed him ); The story was really emotional.


By: William Shakespeare.


I bought this book for my novel research. The story is really amazing! But the story telling is like a paly so it wasn’t really attractive to me, however the story itself is incurable!

3. A Man Named Dave.

By: Dave Pelzer.


I almost forgot to talk about this book. this is the third part of the story, so after he got out from the house, the story didn’t end here! It’s like the real Cinderella story. Cinderella real story begin after she with the prince and live happily, so the third part talking about his work and his father illness and marriage. It’s really my best author, I fell in love with his books.


By : Anna Enquist.


This story about a mother lost her daughter who loved music. The story telling is not really attractive to me but it’s good. I didn’t finish it.

5. Hwjn  ( حَوجن)

By: Ibrahim Abbas (ابراهيم عباس)


I don’t read many Arabic novels, but this one it was WOW. I saw my friends many time gather in a circle reading the same book, so I was really excited to read it. It’s a story about a Jinn fall in love in human girl. Many years ago this Jinn called Hwjin live in big house with his mother and his grandfather, but one day, a human family moved to this house. His mother was crying because she can’t leave this place where my father was living before he died. Then a human girl shows, she chose a room Hwjin used to be his room. When he saw this human girl, he fell for her! It’s really great story. I have 5 chapters left!

That’s All ^^


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I’m Back!

Good evening

It’s 9:25pm right now, today I was fasting. I just came back yesterday evening, it was incurable! I loved this year more than any year in Jakarta! I made many memories and I came to many events, It was only one month but I felt it were a months.  I had a lot of fun with my family and create memories with them, I got few idea how I can make my light novel better and how to fix the errors. This month felt like year … seriously, I already miss them all.

Where should I start?

I don’t have great event everyday, most of it was going to the malls.

1. Open fasting in INPRES.

I traveled to Jakarta in the middle of Ramadan as you all know, so we opened our fasting together with my second family ( my family who lives in Jakarta, and the other half of my family are in KSA) we had a lot of fun there chatting, telling stories, taking photos and more. INPRES is my mother villa and our home us well.

2. Eid Al-fitry.

Ramadan ended, we went to masjed to pray salat al eid, it was pretty nice place, we prayed on the green grass. and then I went to my mom brother house and we eat there an had a lot fun with our family and relatives who came to visit.

Then we move to visit the rest of our relatives who couldn’t come.

3.Garuda Restaurant.

After a few days we gathered in Garuda Restaurant. We had fun there talking and eating the yummy food ^^

4. Punck.

It was very very great beautiful amazing incurable experience I never had before! I went to punck many times already but this time was different! I really loved what going in there. There was photoshoot to make an album for us family and we played in the garden and we workout, swimming, playing UNO it was REALLY LIKE A DREAM I NEVER EVER DREAM IT ABOUT IT.

5. Anniversary day.

I don’t have much to say, because it’s my mom and dad anniversary day! But I had a lot of fun there and I looked to my parents pictures.

I guess this is all the most beautiful events.

Now some pictures ^^

Thank you and good night :)


Going for a while

Good evening readers!


I will travel to Jakarta for a while and I will be back after three weeks InshaAllah.

So during that time I won’t any request, however you can continue asking for them, but I will do it after I come back, I have no problems.

I will try as much as I can to make Vlogs for you, I will take my camera with me for video recording.

I will go on 30 July.

Have a nice night!