Sophie 3rd Contest [Submit Done]

Yello everyone! I hope you all doing fine<3

Yep! I just submit my entry for sophiechan90 third contest. I”l show you in a min. If you are not familiar with Sophie and who she is, she’s a youtuber and a manga artist who inspired so many people to draw, she present a manga drawing tutorials, overall she’s a wonderful girl. she hold a contest every two years, there’s still time before the contest end if you like to participate in her contest, 20 days I believe. I also featured her along with other artist: Mark crilley, My Goddess, and MU. (I created this page four years ago when I was 14, I should update!) You can check them out in Links page here: I hope you support them too.

SO. As I told you in the previous post, I’ll show my Sophie 2nd contest entry!

The Prince For sophiechan90 Contest 2012


Yeah XD LOL. I still remember I published this in the last minute :P It was difficult theme. so it was on 2012, the theme was a prince from the 1800 (right?) So in that time I haven’t draw boys AT ALL so it took me days to finish him off. every single day I draw part of him and re draw for like…thousand time! Then I realized how ugly the paper became, so I scanned and then photoshoped! You don’t know how hard, how much effort to line art and color this picture! and i was running out of time! So It was unforgettable day *giggle*

Things changed now, I still cannot draw the body but still good.

Now. My sophie 3rd contest entry!



Sorry I couldn’t rotated it :( This time I draw it traditionally, it’s because I have better control with the pencil colors more than the digital coloring. This is her character Lia, I messed up with the line art a bit, but that’s ok :)

I wonder If I made her face puffer than usual? :/


Okay I hope you enjoy this post, because I may let sad in the next one O.O no I’m not :P there’s so many things going around me lately it’s make my very worried and not okay. I may post this so you can learn something from my experience.

Thank you, stay safe and sound.


I Finished Summer School!

Hello everyone! and good afternoon <3
I was planning to write this post immediately after I got my report, but there was a problem and I couldn’t get my report online so I have to take it printed at my school when it’s open again after a week I believe.
So my experience in summer school wasn’t that bad actually, I quite enjoy it somehow. I tried my best in study and joy, so I won’t be depressed while my other classmates having fun on their summer vacation.
I took two subjects: Biology 3 and Chem 3.
I got a lot of trouble for enrolling in both biology and chem, and with god help I enrolled in both of them after lot of begging, sweat and fighting with the girls to enroll fast before it become unavailable. Apparently this year the most crowned one, so the school barely control it and got so many trouble itself. Also my teachers kept changing a lot which makes really late from the schedule. We couldn’t have much choices beside studying at your best which I used to it.
To be honest I didn’t have much fun as I wished to have, but it wasn’t that stressful to me which I’m surprised about! maybe because I just finished school, so it made it a lot easier and absorbent than i expected.
Most importantly I don’t regret at all having a summer school, it was awful school I went but definitely worth it!

I hope you enjoy reading <3
yeah, about  my contest entry, I almost finish it and will be posting here only after I send my entry along with my past entry for her 2nd contest.

Thank you<3


Sophie’s 3rd Contest💗

Yahoo everyone!
How’s your day? I’m happy every day and I’m feeling pleassed, Alhamdullah.
Supposedly, there’s two days left before the summer class break begin, but since everyone want the holiday so badly, my chem and biology teachers already end their things including us students , like midterms, projects, activities, book. When we come school again, we only gonna review the subject, expected questions and things like that. So you’ll understand that I will not attend the school next week.
In the morning I’ve been fulfilling my new schedule for Ramadan this year. So I always read Quran first than drawing a bit traditionally or digitally, then re – write my novel (Today I finished re – writing chapter 4) after that, I’ve been attach again to play persona 4 golden on psp 3 vita! I believe I reach where a certain person got thrown in the TV in a place called heaven , and level 80😍😍😍
And when I browser YouTube today, I saw sophie’s new video. It’s her 3rd Contest announcement, obviously I’m going to participate, hoping to win😆

See next time~
Bye bye 👋

Ramadan This Year

Yaho~ everyone!
Yes, the holy month is coming in only few days. Remember I told you last Ramadan that my daily life is repetitive? Well Ramadan thus year is obviously different! Because of the summer school. So we will be in school ’till 24/7, I believe you can’t call it completely holiday ^^” Yet it’s a new experience though. I’m very excited >\\\
My big Bro gave me a gift few days ago, it galaxy s 5!!! Which I’m writing to you now with ^^
Hope everyone stay strong and patient during the month.
Well…I’m going to do a little trip, and I just thought sharing it with you, since I have nothing useful to share, sorry if it’s boring.
So I’m going to bookstore to buy a file to my group in biology 3, still on the way. By the way it’s 7:21.
Yeah I  just got back. I ended up buying on black file with elastic bungee cords and two small polyenvolpe for myself, one is transparent red and transparent pale aqua.
During this time, I’m listening to Last of us OST. 
Now I’m going with my bros to game store to see what’s game on ps3.  

I’m back! Sadly there’s nothing in the store we went, the lasts game is watch dog and metal gear (not the phantome).
I guess we’re going home :)

Yum! We’re going to buy ice cream from Mac! I’m on diet so I’m sharing with my bro =_=

Summer School

Good afternoon!

Yes, its clear from the title. Last week I enrolled in summer school! Why? Let me explain the reason probably starting from my high school system.

If you one of my old followers, you already know how the system works. The system divided to six levels/semester, we must complete a certain amount if hours to graduate, and also we have to take all the fundamental subjects and two free subject; like art, Managerial skills..etc.

The books are numbered; they not only for first semester or the third. My school planned my schedule in first and second year; because I didn’t took the summer class of the first year, but you should enrolled the subjects you need yourself.  For an example about my books, I have 6 mathematics books and I only studied 4, I take five in the fifth semester. I have 4 books of Arabic language and I studied them all, so I won’t take them again. I have one book called skill life and family education and I finished that.

In each semester you need to get 7 subjects(you don’t have to! If you took a summer class twice) , in rare situation you can get 8 subjects but you’ll have to abandon your break time; because it will be your 8th class.

This system is really close to collage system, and it only run for few years and not all schools, so it’s still new on us.

Because it’s new, a lot of mess happen and cause a heavy damage to us. That’s the reason I took the summer class of the second in HS.

Because of the mess in the beginning of the year, we were forced ( me and my friends) to withdraw from Biology 3 which the administrators schedule it for my original class 1 (The class wont change even if you leveled up unless your some of your schedule is different, you won’t see your classmate but you’re still in class 1) so we enrolled in Ecology (one book only) and only small group enrolled in Ecology while all the classes were taking Biology, there’s reallllly small chance to be available in the fifth semester, and if the biology isn’t available, I’ll be forced to take the third summer class after GRADUATION!!! no one want that, right?

The second reason is to make it easier, The system is extremely hard and requires a lot of hard work. so taking a summer class will make it lighter for me, and I’ll get in some of classes off.

I’m not good at explaining ^^”

The school start at 8 and ends at 9:30 if you took one subject, 11:00 if you took two, 12:30 if you took three. There’s no more than three.

I’ll post about my experience in SC when I finish.


Have a good day!

Why Breakfast is Very Important?

egg love 2

“Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper”

Whenever someone says breakfast is super important, he or she is right! Breakfast helps you in many ways. It helps you to give energy throughout your day, and it helps you to be more effective in school and work, and it helps you to control your weight as well.
There are so many benefits of breakfast. I want to encourage you to eat breakfast. The people who don’t like breakfast, or they miss breakfast every day, they seems to be less effective, less energize, more hungry, they feel dizziness all the day, all that bad stuff!
Today it’s the time to get change, we are all going to eat breakfast and stay healthy.
You have to excuses to not eat breakfast, if you are reading this.
Whatever you late or miss breakfast often, I will give you some tips may help you:

  • Try to wake up two hour at least before the time to go to your work or school.
  • Make everything prepared the night before; it’s preventing to be late to your work and miss breakfast.
  • If you have to go to work early and you don’t have time to make it, make it the night before and reheat it the morning and eat it in your car.
  • You don’t have to eat your breakfast at home; you can eat it in your way to work/school or before class.
  • Drinking water is essential; always drink water before and after breakfast and throughout the day.
  • If happen and you couldn’t do any of these tips, grab a banana, or biscuit to eat it.

So, what kind of breakfast should you make?

I will give you 3 delicious breakfast recipes. Easy, yummy and fast!
The first one is I name it the white Mt:
The time to prepare: 5 mine.
You will need:

  • White cheese,
  • 1 tomato,
  • 1 spoon of Fennelflower seeds,
  • olive oil,
  • bread of your choice,
  • Small plate.

Put whatever amount of white cheese in your plane, and cut one or two slices of the tomato into little pieces and sprinkle it above the white cheese. Add the Fennelflower seeds and olive oil lastly. You eat it with bread.
The second one is toast cheese:
The time: 5 mine.
You will need:

  • Cheese slices of your choice.
  • 2 White or brown toast.
  • Toast oven.

Place the cheese slices on the toast and put in the toast oven for five min.
Cheese omelet:
Time: 10 min
You will need:

  • Pan
  • Olive oil
  • Cheese of your choice ( I recommend slices)
  • 2 eggs
  • Plate.
  • Small Bowl.
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Ketchup

Beat the egg well in a bowl (if you like you can add black pepper and salt). Put small amount of olive oil in pan on low heat. Pour the egg and make sure to spread to the whole pan. Wait for a while before flipping it. If it’s done turn off the heat and quickly put the cheese in and folds the omelet (one fold from the right, one fold from the left) flip the omelet again and placed in your plate. Draw or write on your omelet with ketchup (you can add black pepper)
NOTE: Cheese brands can make different in the taste. Avoid salt in the egg if the cheese is too salty.

Of course you can add anything you would like in your breakfast.

If you want to watch it rather then reading it again, the video of this article will be uploaded it on Sunday.

(The pic of this article was taking fromallthingsyummyforfoodies.blogspot I just wrote the name).

I hope you find this helpful.

Thanks for reading!

Special Post- New desk Tour


Hello everyone and welcome to another special post!

Today I want to take you through my new desk. If your following me on insta, I posted a picture there, you can find it if you scroll down. But I’ve never actually took you through.

So let’s get started already!

I’m going to start from above the desk.



I keep above some pictures, and chicken XD, bear, fake flowers just to give the desk a nicer look. I also add that (Bowl?) filled with cyan glass beads, I usually put my sunglasses, and my PC ray protecter glasses, and an egg and my USBs, I also put any random thing.

The one in the left in the second picture, I keep my keys in.



I have this home since I was kid as you can tell, It’s look nice on my desk, and it’s really great for storage! I hanged my flower headband on.

Next is my desk top, I’ll be starting from the right corner.


I found this cool little basket from childhood toys! I haven’t found the rest yet, I only found four of them, two on my desk, two on my night stand to put my Duaa books or prayer books, and eye mask and other things. The green basket is for all my body care product, and there’s some lipstick. The white basket contain all my perfumes pulse a small mirror from the body shop tucked in.

Beside my baskets, there’s a pen holder like a basket I bought it from Japan.


In the front of my baskets I keep my old pen holder to keep my hair brush and comb, I filled with orange glass beads to make it stand and give it a nice look.


The left corner, there’s one of these round boxes that came with a bunch of different sizes and colors, I keep my tablet cable and my camera charger in this orange box. The case above the box sound familiar to you? It’s one of the cases you got in emirates flights when your flight is at night and you will reach your destination at morning! there was a pair of socks, eye mask and tooth brush. When I came back I took all these out and placed my little mouse which fit perfectly in! Then I have a board tucked in.CYMERA_20140605_181756

There’s my shelf. I have three shelf, the first one contain a small bag filled with some little  hair accessory, and there’s boxes of pendants, earnings…etc. and there’s some face product.

The second shelf contain more pendants and bracelets, and booby pens, hairbands, headbands, a little pocket with some cash, one two school planners, one memory journal, passwords/ important info/classified info notepad and strawberry notepad for DA and Insta requests.

The third shelf contain the-not-frequently-used items or items need to be repaired and some papers and kingdom hearts book marks. In the front, there’s a calender and heart globe.

CYMERA_20140605_181921On my left side, I keep a small sketch book, tablet, book to write my novel, psp portable and psp vita in the gray case, work planner and tissue.


With this planner/notepad I keep track and  my plans to my novel, DA, blog, youtube…etc I may take you through this in the future.

The desk closet is not organize ^^” but it have some files, notebooks and so many things! It’s like a storage closet.


I hope you liked this one! like for more!


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